Global startup, Sirin Labs, was founded with one mission - to bring tomorrow’s technology, today. The first manifestation of this was a mobile phone offering the ultimate in security and required full branding and marketing needs.


After in-depth qualitative research, Point One Percent strategically identified the positioning to serve as the foundation for the mobile device, Solarin. This positioning revolved around the notion that luxury can derive from the most advanced technology. The Solarin brand is tailored to appeal to the UHNW global traveller who requires a high level of security and understands that privacy does not have a monetary value. The positioning lead to the creation of the product name and to the design of the logo, website, photo shoot, moving image piece, printed collateral pieces, flagship store and advertising campaign.


Solarin’s launch event was attended by numerous A-List celebrities and its London-based flagship store opened in May 2016. Solarin also opened an exclusive Harrod’s display in August 2016.